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Last Night, THE Night!

Last night starting at 0204 UTC, AZ 123, EL 31 from EN22 and finishing at
0245 UTC:

I had a nice chat with Bill, K0RZ and Art, W0EOZ, joined by VE3NPC and
K7MKT, Claire and Steve respectively. Their signals were generally 12 to 15
dB above the noise level. Mine were 10 to 12 dB, as I was still shooting
through part of a tree. Squint was about 25 degrees or so. S-Meter readings:
Noise was about S3+, Signals were S5 to S6+. The S readings are presented
for comparison with other 847's, as the dB values above were actual
measurements with a step attenuator. Beacon was S7+, but I didn't have time
to make an SNR on it.

Uplink FT-847, 70w amp, 6 dB or more of feedline loss, K1FO 22 el long yagi.
(16 dBi)
Downlink: UEK 3000 > 135' RG8x > FT-847. (0.7 dB NF, 30 dB gain)

Bill was my first QSO on AO-40. Now I know everything works. It will be safe
to put things up on the tower in a few weeks. Base gets poured tomorrow

Predicted SNR by the Spreadsheet was 8.4 dB...I was seeing 10 dB at the end.
That is amazing performance considering all the variables that the author
(not me) has tried to account for. NICE JOB!

Now I'm highly motivated to build the M2 CP435/42UG that arrived today.

hasan schiers, NØAN

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