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DEM Pre-Amp

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<< Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 13:34:45 -0700
 From: Scott Townley <nx7u@mindspring.com>
 Subject: [amsat-bb] More on DEMI 2400-144RX downconverter
 More on the input impedance of the DEMI AO-40 downconverter...
 My measured values of 5 to 6 dB return loss are correct. >>

Hi All.

Finally managed to get my kit version of the DEM pre-amp on some test 
equipment today. I used the RFC that's printed on the DEM board to power it 
directly down the cable from a basic Drake converter.

The DEM  13ULNA checked out at  0.47dB Noise figure and 15dB gain.
When combined with an exceptionally poor Drake of 6.97dB NF, the combination 
gave a system noise figure of 1.13dB.

There may be some doubts about return loss, but overall that's a  pretty 
amazing product from DEM.


David G0MRF
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