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Exchanging grid information?

Next week, I will be on UO-14 during evenings from grid squares EN99, EO90 &
EO91. Since these grid squares are very very rare (especially EO90 since it
has 0 population), I assume grid square hunters will be returning my calls.

I'm not familiar with the procedure of exchanging grid information on a LEO
FM satellite. If I were to say "CallSign this is VE3DCL, please copy grid
square EO90. QRZ VE3DCL" for each contact, is this the proper way to
exchange grid information?  Is there a more efficient way to transfer grid
information... what's a typical senario when someone acknowledges reception
of a grid square and then say his grid information?  I'm just looking for
the most efficient responce to maximise the number of contacts I will be
able to make during the short FM satellite passes.

I will also be on 50.125 MHz with 5 watts (FT-817) and a dipole.



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