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Re: CW HT for satellites

> I would like to do that, and I HOPE that the TH-D6A won't be too chirpy 
> when
> keyed for CW.  After all, the designers should anticipate that people 
> would
> want to send CW since it receives CW.

I'm sorry, I still have to chuckle when I imagine what the frequency 
stability of an HT's synthesizer is going to be like.  I seriously doubt 
it's going to be as stable as, say, a TS-2000 .. ;-) .. but then again, 
the idea of QRP handheld CW does have some definite appeal.  If you can 
stand the chirp, it could be fun.

> I wish the spec sheet specified what the IF bandwidth of that radio 
> will be
> in SSB mode.  I have a bad feeling that it's something like 10 kHz, 
> using
> the same IF filter that is used for narrow FM.  That would probably be
> tolerable on the FO birds and RS12 since they aren't usually very 
> crowded.

AGC pumping was another thing that sprang to mind using an FM-quality 
transceiver for CW.  The generic SSB filter will probably be tolerable 
for strong CW signals, although you won't be pulling in real weak 
stuff .. of course the noise level on 2m and 440 on SSB is a lot lower 
too, so who knows?

> I wonder how many years it will be before YaeComWood introduce a 
> handheld
> multi-mode all-band transceiver (handheld equivalent of the FT-817).  It
> seems inevitable, given the rapid rate of miniaturization that is 
> ongoing in
> the amateur equipment industry.

Could be.  I was certainly intrigued that they got SSB into the F6A, so 
if they can get a stable VFO/synthesizer and balanced modulator in the 
next model, it may well be.  It ain't easy -- SSB is a lot harder to 
design for than FM ..

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