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CW HT for satellites

Bob Bruninga wrote:

If you want to operate HT CW, then wait for the new Kenwood 3 band HT with
ALL MODE  receiver..  Set to 144.1 CW and  Just plug your CW key into the
MIC jack and away you go.  The CW reception will hopefully be just fine.
THe problem will be that you are keying a synthesized FM XMTR (with no
audio) so it will sound chipry...

Wayne replies:

I would like to do that, and I HOPE that the TH-D6A won't be too chirpy when
keyed for CW.  After all, the designers should anticipate that people would
want to send CW since it receives CW.

I wish the spec sheet specified what the IF bandwidth of that radio will be
in SSB mode.  I have a bad feeling that it's something like 10 kHz, using
the same IF filter that is used for narrow FM.  That would probably be
tolerable on the FO birds and RS12 since they aren't usually very crowded.

I wonder how many years it will be before YaeComWood introduce a handheld
multi-mode all-band transceiver (handheld equivalent of the FT-817).  It
seems inevitable, given the rapid rate of miniaturization that is ongoing in
the amateur equipment industry.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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