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Mystery Force idea

I just read the latest status update on AO-40, and the description
of the requirements to produce the Mystery Effect.  To have a net
de-spun force acting on the satellite, the force must rotate at the
same rate as the bird does.  A picture forms in my mind of how a
DC motor works, with a rotating field controlled by a commutator,
and I think how the Sun is turning on and off the solar panels exactly
in sync with the satellite's rotation.

Is it possible that the electric currents in the solar panel wiring,
or the panels themselves, are pushing against the Earth's field?
Perhaps, even, the damage caused by the December event, has moved
or somehow unbalanced (magnetically) the internal wiring related to
the solar panels (for example, a different ground return path)?

I don't known enough about the satellite's design to verify this
idea.  But, I would predict that if this theory is true that the
strength of the Mystery Effect would relate directly to how much
current the panels are supplying.  Is there any way to compare this?

Just an idea...

Greg  KO6TH

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