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AO-40 DK2ZF opsrprt

 DK2ZF JO43VH  AMSAT#493  LM-34
 uplink : L-band with PA 2C39 50 watts  16 turn helix
 downlink 30 turns helix DB6NT-preamp at feedpoint, DB6NT-transverter+FT-847
 Hi All,
 last nite signals were strong - but little bti weaker than two days before...
 but more Americans than on previous "openings"
 UTC   call     uplink/downlink    locator
 20:57 AOS of beacon on 2401,301
 20:59 good TLM to decode  ( G3RUH-modem)
 21:24 W1BFN in NC hrd in SSB qso with DL1FCU
 21:36 KK2L Bill 559 both            EL87
 21:24 ON4BCB  Walter
 21:56  LZ1JH  Rumen      1269.339/2401.351 MHz
 21:58 G4PBP                         IO82
 22:07 TA1D   Kadri in Istanbul 1269.380/2401.312
 22:10 I5CTE                          JN53
 22:18 WB1BQE  Al N.H.
 22:23 N0ZHE   Greg Kansas .340/.350  EM17    best DX so far
 22:36 DK5EC Karl                     JO30
 22:48 W4EPI Steve                    EM73
 22:49 CU8AO  Fred Azores             HM49 also on L-band uplink with 10 W 
 22:56 WB4FWQ                         EM75
        closed and went to bed...
 next days will not be qrv travel with Peter/DB2OS to the AMSAT-UK
 colloqium to Surrey.

 All the best  enjoy the satellite

Rolf DK2ZF


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