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Re: PANsat

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, Stan wrote:

> to the best of my knowledge, plans were never distributed to the
> public.
> If there are plans for the SS transceiver, how can I get a copy ?
> Thanks, Stan, WA1ECF

This is just speculation on my part: But, Have you ever tried to find the
plans for a student project after 10 years?  Have you ever seen a student
project that was well documented enough that anyone could reasonably
re-create the project? I think what you will find is a dusty closet
somewhere with a 3 foot pile of documents.  And no one who is probably
motivated to do the work to make it into a heathkit for someone else to
now pick up theball and run with it...

Now if someone with say a manyear's worth of time would commit to such a
project, I would not be surprised to see the school take them up on such a
restoration project...  but talking and doing are always two different

 > > 
> Bob Bruninga wrote:
> > 
> > Here is my (unofficial) opinion on the Navy PG school's PANSAT.  This is
> > only an opinion over the years and may be quite wrong on some details...
> > but...
> > 
> > PANSAT was an amateur satellite to experiment with SPREAD SPECTRUM
> > communications.  Two transceivers were built by students.  One went into
> > the satellite, the other into the ground station.  The plans were
> > published and everyone was welcome to build a spread spectrum transceiver
> > to join in the experimentation.
> > 
> > No one ever did.  The original interested HAM students graduated, a
> > year later PANsat was launched and none of the original "interested"
> > students were around to play with it.  No hams ever took any interest to
> > build a spread spectrum transceiver and so there it sits... on orbit, but
> > no one interested in scratch building a spread spectrum transceiver to
> > match...
> > 
> > A year or two after it was launched the School approached us about
> > becoming a secondary ground station.  We said sure, just give us the
> > special SS transceiver.  They said they had the plans, but we would have
> > to build our own.... theirs was the only one in existence.  But being busy
> > enough as we are, I could see no benefit in a one-hand-clapping project to
> > talk to no one...
> > 
> > I really dont blame anyone.  PANSAT hit orbit about the same time the
> > Internet exploded and packet experimentation died.  Since the internet
> > lets anyone communicate at 56 kB or higher at any time all the time, who
> > wants to scratch build a one-of-a-kind 9600 baud experimental transceiver
> > to communicate for 5 minutes a few times a day to yourself, or one other
> > person if you can talk him into building a transceiver too.
> > 
> > Its there, I think it is functional, but with only one spread spectrum
> > built ground station, no one is using it.  The lessons are:
> > 
> > 1) Its perfectly fine to build a satellite for an amateur COMM experiment
> > 2) But don't expect it to be popular unless a lot of people can use it
> > 3) If it ain't popular, then the builders will also quickly loose interest
> > 4) At a university, the students graduate.  Unless there is a Faculty
> >    member 100% dedicated to the mission, it will die as soon as the
> >    original students are gone.
> > 5) If it is not causing interference, then stop complaining about it.
> > 6) If you dont like the payloads someone else is building, then build
> >    one yourself, or join up with a university or other team that is
> >    and help them with the right way to do it.  They want to build
> >    satellites, in many cases they may be looking for payloads.  In
> >    any case, only HAMS understand the best "uses" for an amateur
> >    communications experiment that will draw users....
> > 
> > This is only an opinion and does not reflect any facts or official
> > position of the Navy in any manner whatsoever.
> > 
> > de WB4APR, Bob
> > 
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de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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