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Re: The Paint color and qualities of Alum

On Thursday 26 July 2001 15:27, Gunther Meisse wrote:
> Along the thread. I have enjoyed the wealth of information about colors and
> the qualities of aluminum. As a matter of fact I stumped some of my
> engineers at the TV station.
> Question: On space craft (Often painted white) you see the use of a mylar
> like film to cover certain portions of the craft. It is gold in color, not
> white. Would some of you space experts give us a line on this material and
> why?
> Thank You

  As far as I'm concerned one of the main reasons is for protection of 
electronic circuitry and other sensible instruments from high energy 
particles or radiation, that can cause various effects like bit errors in 
memory chips, computer crashes, etc. As a general rule, gold based materials 
have very good electrical and termal characteristics...


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