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Re: PANsat

... And with SS technology it is very easy for anyone to transfom the
> radio channel into a "private secure commercial channel". Is there any
> precise frequency information and PN code sequences for PANSAT in their
> website, or otherwise publicly available to the amateur community?... I
> wonder...

I think this is a very good  point. Wouldn't  FCC rules require public
disclosure of the PN code and modulation method to comply with the "no coded
transmissions" aspect? Wouldn't the Navy be required to file an STA for
spread spectrum operation in the ham bands with this information in it ?
Depending on the bandwidth and power, they may be operating this thing as we
speak without us even knowing it. If the PANSAT folks are not forth coming
maybe it's time for the ARRL to petition an investigation by the FCC. As
originally presented, I thought this was a great project. If the PANSAT team
did indeed mislead us (the amateur community), then it should be dealt with
appropriately. Maybe it's time for a formal request to the PANSAT team by
the ARRL for a project update. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Howie AB2S

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