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Re: JUly 2001 President's Letter

Hello Anthony, Phil and All,

Thank you for your reply and comments.

- Is there a site that you recommend to read for the better understanding
of Phil's proposal, if possible including the software needed to run the system.

Nicolaus Sallay
E-mail : n.sallay@internext.com.br
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> Nick raises an interesting point.
> Where I live (the People's Republic of Massachusetts,)
> putting up any serious antenna (AO-10 class) is a major headache.
> Heck, it took me 3 years to get the environmental permits
> to put up silly little deck over my driveway!
> For me, anything that reduces the size of antennas is a
> huge help. On the other hand CPU power is cheap and even
> specialized hardware is not a problem.
> While not everywhere in the US is quite as restrictive,
> many hams here in the US DO have to live with these
> problems.
> As Nick suggested, the same may be NOT be true in other countries
> where hardware is restricted by tarrifs, import restrictions etc.
> On the other hand TDMA is not exactly an exotic technology and
> and if most of the processing can be done in software, it sure sounds
> like a winner to me for (almost) everyone.
> Tony AA2TX
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> At 07:56 AM 7/25/01 -0400, Nicolaus Sallay wrote:

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