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Re: PANsat

On Thursday 26 July 2001 02:34, Norm McMillan wrote:
> I reckon we was conned!!!!! All they wanted to do was beat the system...
> possibly no thought of ever making it public! In VK we share the band with

  Yes, could very well be so. Unfortunately I suppose there is no way with 
present rules to avoid such things to happen. It is sad that it did never 
open, I was eager to learn about SS and see it working on amateur radio.

  IMHO this concept of closed repeater may not be very healthy to amateur 
radio. It can make people get a license only because it suits their needs, 
instead of applying for a comercial frequency!

  And with SS technology it is very easy for anyone to transfom the amateur 
radio channel into a "private secure commercial channel". Is there any 
precise frequency information and PN code sequences for PANSAT in their 
website, or otherwise publicly available to the amateur community?... I 

  Is there anyone aquainted with the PANSAT project willing to comment on 



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