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RE: Saudisats????

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> Drew Glasbrenner <glasbrenner@mindspring.com> wrote:
> >What is the story with the Saudisats? Are they just 2
> >more in a list of hamsats that are space junk, or is there
> >something else going on? Someone, somewhere, has to know
> >something!
> >
> >Really wish we would at least hear one way or the other.
> Probably yet another in the series of "amateur" projects
> that are heavily hyped at first, get their funding, get
> their launch, and then disappear.
> There are too many of these projects, IMHO.

I have a friend here, used to be real big into satellites.  He has
asked me several times why we were so up-in-arms about the
swatch thing when there were several satellites using ham
freqs that were not ham satellites.  In curiosity, I asked that
very question here.  Never did get a good answer.  I don't
remember the sat numbers he mentioned anymore, but most
of them it seems were out of some university in Europe.  Guess
it could be looked up in the archives if anyone cared...

Dunno, the way it is, guess we should be happy that we have
anything at all.

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