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G'day all,

the PANsat website http://www.sp.nps.navy.mil/pansat has loads of 
information, is quick to download, has telemtry... all sorts of stuff.

In  a page about spread spectrum I found the following:-

>The PANSAT team initially attempted to complete the necessary 
>documentation to utilize frequen cies in the military band. Due to the 
>multitude of systems and signals already in residence and the extended 
>time period required for approval, the Naval Electromagnetic Spectrum 
>Center (NAVEMSCEN) suggested the use of the amateur band. Thus, the 
>decision was made to pursue a HAM frequency through the American Radio 
>Relay League (ARRL), which greatly simplified the requisition process 
>while still meeting all of the original PANSAT design/engineering goals. 
>[Ref. 2, p. 10]

I reckon we was conned!!!!! All they wanted to do was beat the system... 
possibly no thought of ever making it public! In VK we share the band with 
the military anyway, so its not an issue. I suppose if the blokes using it 
are HAMs and operating within the terms of their licence, its just another 
closed repeater.

Hmmmm. makes you think eh?


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