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3733 Mods

Good Evening to All,

I discovered an interesting aspect of the filter mod to the 3733 today. 
When I  put up my first 3733 I discovered a rather high noise level when
I pointed my antenna to a particular bearing toward the northwest.  I
could detect no signal signature, just a rise in the noise level of the
converter of about 10 db.  When I put a Drake up beside the 3733 I could
not detect the noise level with the Drake.  I figured maybe the noise was
on the image frequency since the Drake had the G0MRF mods including the
filter.  When I replaced the Drake with a second 3733 I received the
noise on that converter as well.  A couple of weeks ago I took one of the
3733's down to put in the murata filter mod.  Today I put that converter
back up and I can't hear the noise at all with the unit.  The noise is
still about 10 db on the unmodified unit.  The bottom line is that there
could be a gain of much more than the expected 3 db with the filter mod
under a given set of circumstances.

I have to compliment Bob, K5GNA, on the 2nd filter mod.  It's easy to do,
it's obviously effective and it's inexpensive.  Everyone who is using one
of these converters should install the mod.

73's de Jess - W4MVB
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