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Re: 16T Helix

At 09:43 AM 7/25/01 -0400, G0MRF@aol.com wrote:

>  Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] AO-40 Update 2001-07-20
>  So how well will a 16 turn helix on S-band work? will I be happy?
>   >>
>Very definitely not.
>It may be OK when we're all on the other transponder (S1) with it's extra 9dB
>gain dish antenna. But at the moment 16T is just too small.
>I have a 26t here and that works OK but the guys with small dishes are still
>streets ahead.
>David  G0MRF

That's what I was afraid of. I enjoy listening more than QSO'ing at 
times.  I thought AO-40 was supposed to work better than this, or at least 
that is what they kept telling us while they were building it.


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