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the mystery force

Stacy Mills wrote:

...the mystery effect (ME) is still very much active.  Initial analysis by
G3RUH shows that the effect is only slightly reduced when compared to
measurements before the arcjet outgassing, even though perigee height has
increased from about 220 km to about 900 km.

Wayne replies:

If the mystery force doesn't go away, how would it affect long-term
operation of AO40?  My guess:

1. Less sleep for the controllers because they have to frequently check the
ALON/ALAT and adjust the magnetorquing parameters.
2. Assuming AO40 stays spin-stabilized, the ALON/ALAT at apogee would
occasionally vary by a few degrees, making S1 downlink performance more
3. Major complication to 3-axis stabilization?
4. Impact on power budget due to frequent magnetorquing?

If the mystery force only acts near perigee, does that rule out propellant
leak as a possible cause?

Looking forward to S1 and V downlink tests...

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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