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Re: JUly 2001 President's Letter

> - at least for me, TDMA, time division multiple access, dividing time slots,etc
> the hardware/software to control and setup this access control system used to 
> optimize the use of a channel, seems difficult to build and use, maybe also
> expensive, considering our tax laws and the eventual need of specific tools
> for measurement and tuning, which are unavailable in my part of the country.
> (and I am shure, in other locations also)
> So far we do not have access to companies who eventually have means
> to help us, like telecommunication services,universities or other. Most of
> them use go no go type equipment to maintain their stations.

But remarkably, you're able to use sophisticated sliding-window network
transport protocols, a world-wide packet switched data network with
dynamic routing protocols and routing policy capability.  All without
needing compilers, assemblers, in-circuit emulators, data analyzers,
BERT testers or other test equipment.  You have working software in
"appliance mode" in the Windows operating system, or perhaps many of
these same development tools using some open-source operating system
such as FreeBSD or Linux.

> > Most of the signal
> > processing will be implemented in software running on commodity PCs,
> > and I think it's fair to expect commodity PC hardware to get even
> > cheaper and more readily available than amateur transceivers.
> The hard thing is if you do not have the tools, the availability of knowledge
> to assist you correctly (technology) plus the worst, material and availability
> at low cost, it is better to stay away.

Which tools do you believe that you're missing on your PC based hardware?
For "appliance software", which  is provided to you in binary form,
you load it and run, and worry more about getting your sound card 
coupled to your radio.  Just look at all of the PC soundcard DSP based
software out there today: the PSK31 programs, the AO40 telemetry

If you had one of the open source operating systems on your PC, then you'll
also get all the development tools for free.  Today amateurs use all
sorts of technology that, fundamentally, they don't have the knowledge
or skills to build for themselves.  But that doesn't stop them for
being to use understand what these tools do and how they're used.  I
suspect this won't be any different.


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