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Re: Kantronics Dataengine and RUDAK


I was mistaken.  What I have is the D4-10 radio, not the Data Engine.  I finally remembered to locate it on a dusty shelf and figure out 
what it called itself.

Wonder what I could do with that and my old PacComm Sprint-2 (early one, before they renamed them Spirit-2) TNC, also gathering 

David, ky0dr

7/23/01 4:52:48 PM, wb4mle@mindspring.com wrote:

>On Mon, 23 Jul 2001 16:31:39 -0500, you wrote:
>>I've got a DataEngine, too, that I bought used a long time ago.  Mine does not have the internal modem.  I hadn't thought of using it 
>>RUDAK, but I do have a PI-2 board....
>>It's fundamentally a 70cm radio.  I'd need to use a transverter down to that band on receive, and switch out the transverter on 
>>Is RUDAK used half-duplex?  I have no idea.
>I know nothing about RUDAK at this point except it uses AX UI packet
>according to what little I have read. The Dataengine I have is only a
>dual modem 1200/9600 packet controller (I think).
>>I expect doppler would be a big problem, though, since these are rock-bound rigs (just two crystalled channels).  I wonder how long, 
>>apogee, the doppler would be negligble?
>No idea- I will have a problem with a FT221 analog tuning also. May
>use an old KDK for the packet/RUDAK station.
>>It would be great to figure out a way to make it work, though, since mine's sitting idle!
>Eddie Seymour, WB4MLE
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