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Re: previously ao-40, now AO-40 Band Plan

At 09:52 PM 7/22/01, you wrote:
>Since you raise the issue of a band-plan for AO-40 {not a bad idea}, and at
>the risk of raising a flame-throwing issue, I wonder if psk-31 and SSTV
>should be considered now, too.  We have, at this early point in AO-40
>operation, the chance to establish some standards...hopefuly that will ward
>off problems later.
>MY guess that psk-31 and SSTV will not need more than one "channel", each,
>since those modes are not likely to be that active.  CW ops would likely
>appreciate separation.  The ssb folks probably don't care.  {you FM folks
>got your own satellites...he! he!}

Hi Ed and the group, it might be a good idea to consider a 1000Hz 1500Hz or 
so sub band for PSK31 instead of just a channel.

This mode may become very poplar soon and may need some room to grow.

I hope to start working on my AO-40 station soon and PSK31 is on the to do 

Thanks, Dale kf4sir

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