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Re: Getting more gain without a solid dish.... -idea 2.

At 16:52 24-07-2001, you wrote:

>   I'm wondering if it would make more sense to just
>use a 2.4ghz phasing harness between the dual preamps
>but before the (single) converter?

What a mess to get 3 dB at most!

Increasing the dish-diameter by 50 percent will give the same.
So would a LHCP feed....
You were using a linear feed, weren't you?. That loses 3dB.

How about covering Barbie with a fine 6mm mesh, like the one used for large 
If it's the kind of "dish" i have seen mentioned before here, that grid is 
a bit coarse-looking. I hear the learned ones argue what mesh size is fine 
enough, but i have not heard any say that coarser than about 1/10 lambda 
were ok. how coarse is the spacing between the elements of the bbq?. The 
fine bird-mesh would help, i believe.

Just my 2.4 Euros, Al.

I think optimizing on your present setup will give you a lot more 
improvement, unless you decide to go for a real dish.

Good Luck, Al!

73 de OZ1LRG

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