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RE: Black & White Question

At 09:20 AM 7/24/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, Tom Clark wrote:
>As long as the white paint is not GLOSS, there is no focusing effect on
>the preamp.  The light diffuses equally in all directions.

The subject of titanium oxide paint came up here around 1997 or so and I
remember several points:

1) There is, or was, a formulation of paint known as "Observatory White",
flat paint loaded with titanium oxide.  However, this fell out of
favor--IIRC--because the paint would cause thermals to come off the dome
upon sunset.  Not a problem for radio, unless we get into millimeter waves.

2) The other problem with titanium oxide was that it would also conduct
away heat all too well at sunset on a cold winter's day and cause
condensation, so hermetically sealed enclosures are out (anyway).

Anyone with expertise who remembers that old thread, feel free to correct me.

Take care,


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