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more gain without a dish

Al wrote:

>I'm wondering if it would make more sense to just
use a 2.4ghz phasing harness between the dual preamps

but before the (single) converter?

I still think a dish is easier and better. For ice and wind loading I would
try a plastic or fiberglass Radome. You could even heat it to prevent ice
and snow build-up.

I've combined two 6m dishes with LNAs and phase matched heliax into a single
down converter with limited success. I did not get the expected 3 dB C/N
improvement. I was able to get 1.5dB maybe 2 which was enough to recover the
data I was after, for a while.  But it was a band-aid, not a fix. Things are
not as linear as they seem.

I would consider a DBS dish. It would probably be cheaper than two antennas
with two pre-amps and cables.



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