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Re: Black & White Question

>> In space, (no convection cooling) Here is the steady state equilibrim
>> temperature of a flat plate in the very hot sun.
>>    WHITE     50 deg F
>>    BLACK     90 deg F
>>    ALUMINUM 788 deg F  (no typo)
> I remember a company that made DC generators built from themocouples 
> mounted
> to heat sinks. They blasted a propane torch on one side to generate 
> power.
> The idea was that there are no moving parts making the system very 
> reliable.
> I wonder what the efficiency/generating capacity is if solar cells VS
> themocouples. With these kind of temperature gradients thermocouple 
> power
> generation could be a pracitcal alternative to solar cells and they 
> probably
> would not dgrade as much over time.

The problems would be:
- getting a good thermal connection to the aluminum side without making 
an electrical connection
- finding a material for the cold side that would radiate and conduct 
heat well (black coated aluminum?)
- making the whole assembly mechanically solid enough to survive 
- ensuring the hot side keeps its normal pointed close to the sun

The benefits might be numerous.  You could get pretty decent current out 
of a solar thermopile, and depending on how cold the cold end is 
(shading/insulation?) you could get pretty efficient power conversion.  
Maybe not as efficient as a photovoltaic panel, but it would definitely 
be an interesting experiment.

What I picture is a pair of flat pieces of aluminum,  one polished and 
facing the sun, one blackened and facing deep space, powered by the heat 
differential with a long string of hot/cold thermocouples in series to 
step up the voltage.  It would take quite some time to engineer and 
build, but would be worth trying at least ..

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