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Re: Beacon guard-band

>From: "David Reinhart" <wa6ilt@bellatlantic.net>
>Wayne Estes wrote: (snip)
>The recommended beacon "guard band" is +/- 20 kHz. We have almost 300 kHz
of usable transponder bandwidth. There is no need to crowd the beacon. 
>Doesn't more than 10 percent of the usable transponder bandwidth seem a
little excessive?  Or will this tend to become more of a non-issue as
commissioning progresses and MB is used less often?

Not when you consider that the beacon can be +/- 25 kHz of 2401.323 due to
doppler.  Command stations and other investigators will likely collect
telemetry even when the rest of us are off "playing"!  BTW how far from
another station do you need to move in freq. to avoid interfering with ssb
{rhetorical question as it was likely on your FCC exam}.  In my opinion 30
KHz from the beacon "rest" freq. would be recommended.


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