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Re: AO-40 Update 2001-07-20

At 06:22 AM 07/24/2001 -0400, Lee wrote:
>Is the plan still to have the transponders off on orbit 339 for RUDAK
>I've also been hunting for the RUDAK frequencies and have so far only found
>2401.72 for RUDAK-A.  Would this be a good frequency to monitor Wednesday
>night (East Coast, US)?

Let me take the liberty of answering the RUDAK question.
The RUDAK 9k6 hardware modulator downlinks are listed at 

On Weds evening (local US) we will be turning on and off various things in 
various combinations.  It's not likely there will be much to copy on any of 
the RUDAK downlinks but if we get to the point of loading software 2401.747 
is the most likely candidate.  But let me note this is quiet subject to change.
If software loading does proceed you are likely to not see much data except 
acks from the loader in various forms.
However, all data files are most welcome.  Please post them to


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> > 5. RUDAK tests are currently scheduled for Orbit 339, which begins early
> > 2001-7-26.  The passbands will be off for this orbit and the S2 beacon may
> > be intermittently off as well.  Until then, the passbands will be active
> > from MA = 10 to 100.
> >
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