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ao-40 transponder gain vs freq

I settled down near the midband beacon because the transponder has more gain
near the middle, noticeable when you run with 15 watt into 7t helix like
me....thats enough except for when the agc gets driven down,
but a plan is in the works to add turns to the helix and bump it up a
Some 3am pass when nobody is on it I'll plot out snr vs freq on the
When it goes high squint, the UHF higain has one null in its pattern but
there's still enough uplink,
but hardly anyone will hear it because of the -8 to -12 db S downlink, and
under this condition
the beacon is still adequate except for the s nulls.
I think about the only time I cant find the satellite is when it is exactly
squint 0 (antenna 180 from me)

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