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Announcing UO11DEM - A Call For Beta-Testers

This is a call for beta-testers for a new amateur radio computer 
program called UO11DEM.  UO11DEM is a PC soundcard demodulator 
for the UO-11 satellite.  It will take a WAV file recording and display 
the demodulated signal on your computer screen.  Beta-testers who 
can receive a good signal from UO-11 on 145.825 Mhz and who can 
make a WAV file recording of that signal (at 8 bit samples, 8000 
samples per second or 11025 samples per second) are needed.  

In particular, I would be interested in comparisons between hardware 
UO-11 demodulators and UO11DEM when the same WAV file is used 
as the input signal.  Note that UO11DEM is not yet a finished program.  
There are still several main features that need to be added, but it does 
work, and it's reached the stage where I need feedback from other users.

If you are interested, please email me and I will send you
a beta version for testing and evaluation.

Douglas KA2UPW
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