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RE: Black & White Question

At 23:36 23-07-01 -0400, Tom Clark wrote:

> > It gets very hot here so I'm not sure about using white
> > paint, ... the temp
> > was 42C two weeks ago on the roof, ... the white may reflect
> > too much into
> > the preamp, .... then again black paint may absorb too much
> > heat and warp,
> > .... so anyone got any ideas on this for a colour that best
> > suits a hot
> > clime? I'm not an expert in thermal stuff as you can tell!
>Paul -- in the professional world, we use Titanium dioxide white. To
>keep the shape of the dish "pure", you want to minimize the thermal
>gradients. The only time you might be concerned with frying the preamp
>is if you point directly at the sun and the dish surface is shiny.
>73 de Tom, W3IWI

one thing i've allways wondered is why is it that black and white painted 
carpenter's rule antennas (one color on each side) makes a satellite spin. 
how does that work and does it have to do with heat absorption/emisitivy?

73 de rick

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