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Black & White Question

Hi All,

In the next few weeks I'll be putting together a new dish for Mode S. I live
in a rather salty environment so will have to protect the dish with paint or
varnish. The last dish I put together around 1995 was varnished, it still
works but don't look too sharp now.

So this time I was thinking about using car paint to make the new dish look
better on the mast, ... but what colour?

It gets very hot here so I'm not sure about using white paint, ... the temp
was 42C two weeks ago on the roof, ... the white may reflect too much into
the preamp, .... then again black paint may absorb too much heat and warp,
.... so anyone got any ideas on this for a colour that best suits a hot
clime? I'm not an expert in thermal stuff as you can tell!

Paul, VP9MU

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