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Re: July 2001 President's Letter

On Monday 23 July 2001 20:49, Robert Oler wrote:

> I really dont know what "value" all the working documents would have
> past that unless someone was trying to build a satellite and then it
> strikes me that they could be "acquired".

Well, sometimes it helps to have many minds reviewing and contributing 
to the design effort on a complex system. In the software industry, 
where the "open-source" design philosophy originated, one of the 
leading lights says: "To many eyes, all bugs are shallow"..."shallow" 
in this case meaning "easy to understand and correct". 

It's important to understand that an "open" approach does not mean that 
things are done by vote or poll. There is usually a single authority, 
or small board making final design decisions. But with the 
near-fictionless communications enabled by the internet (and here I 
mean "frictionless" as pertaining to *effort*, not *emotion*. :-) ), 
it's possible for many more people to make an informed, intelligent  
contribution to the effort.

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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