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Re: JUly 2001 President's Letter

Hi, Robert,

At 07:49 PM 23-07-01 -0500, Robert Oler wrote:
>Thats interesting of course and doubtless will arouse a lot of curiosity.

Well, we are an educational and scientific organization.  Education is part 
of our mission.

>I really dont know what "value" all the working documents would have

One notion discussed was giving a wider group of talented people the 
opportunity to contribute ideas (and find mistakes!).

>I wish AMSAT good luck on teh bird (as a life member).  It strikes me that 
>there is a tough hill to climb in getting people to support this bird 
>after AO-40.  I realize that the cheering section here is pretty vocal but 
>I was wondering if any thought had been given to maybe doing some research 
>of a more quanitative nature about what the Amsat membership would "like 
>to see" in a AMSAT NA bird?

My own opinion here, as always.  Something I learned from the frequency 
management business is that, if you ask people what they would like to see, 
they usually talk in terms of what they already know.  Often, it's helpful 
to be able to think in other terms.  And, in AMSAT, we have lots of very 
creative people who can and do think in new and interesting ways.

What's the best way to go?  Well, for many years I've heard people asking 
for OSCAR VI and VII all over again.  (Seems we both used them!)  They were 
great.  But, we need to explore our other frequency allocations.  And, has 
been made clear here in the USA, we'd better show some technical leadership 
or, once again, be at great risk of loosing our precious frequency bands.

Seems the idea of extending the use of common equipment, like PC's, with 
some interesting techniques, which may not be all that difficult to apply, 
could be a reasonable way to go.

>Oh well just my thoughts.

Thanks for sharing.

Hope my ramblings make some sense.

73, art.....

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