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SSTV on O40 and frequency locating

I propose a frequency of 2401.400 as an easy to remember, far from
the beacon, downlink.  I also propose that once an uplink is established
at that frequency that the xmit frequency remain ~fixed for that session.

Nothing here is cut in stone, and it is intended as a location where SSTVer's
can meet to greet....

I know we are in experimental testing, and if any of the operations people
object, please let us know.

I'll get on that frequency from time to time, and get on SSTV when I find
the time to dig out the cables!!

For users that do not have the newer users with reverse tuning they may
want to look at:


and download noditter.zip

It has pictures of a "noditter" that was devised in 1984 when we had no
such thing as reverse tuning.  They were built for all of the xponder
satellites thru O13.  They can easily be homebrewed for O40, and include
doppler correction if desired.  My radio reverse tunes, but I still keep
one handy as an operating aid, and some of the old timers may still use them.

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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