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RE: ao-40 beacon swishing

>I also heard people calling CQ only 5 kHz away from the beacon.  With the 
>large Doppler shift we are experiencing now, one could easily drift into 
>the beacon if using manual Doppler tuning.  Also, people trying to answer 
>the CQ may momentarily interfere with the beacon while trying to zero beat 
>on the station calling CQ.
>The recommended beacon "guard band" is +/- 20 kHz.  We have almost 300 kHz 
>of usable transponder bandwidth.  There is no need to crowd the beacon.

I don't know how people "drift into the beacon" if they've got their ears open!

I first "locate a pair" a good ways from the beacon, and from then on I can 
keep track of the beacon by listening.  I would agree that 20 kHz away is a 
good place to
locate ones signal, but once located people should just "listen..

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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