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Re: previously ao-40, now AO-40 Band Plan

>Since you raise the issue of a band-plan for AO-40 {not a bad idea}, and at
>the risk of raising a flame-throwing issue, I wonder if psk-31 and SSTV
>should be considered now, too.  We have, at this early point in AO-40
>operation, the chance to establish some standards...hopefuly that will ward
>off problems later.
Hello Ed, etal,

This is, of course, nothing official, and just my opinion.  With all the 
bandwidth we
have it would seem to me that "merely spreading the word" on a frequency in 
the band to
conduct an operation would be all that is needed.  Experience with AO10 and 
AO13 had such
limited activity on cw that I would call cq endlessly on cw, in the "cw 
portion" and would
not get answer, and there was a lot of activity at the same time in the ssb 
Towards the end of O13's life a lot of ssb operators did drift down in the 
"cw" portion
with no difficulty that I am aware of.  Now that may not work with some of 
the new generation
of crepe hangers and naysayers, but they will soon die on the vine...

I intend to suggest a frequency for SSTV as soon as I get approval from 
operations.  And it
will be just that, a suggestion.  It seems to me that the same thing could 
apply to PSK.
Again, nothing cut in stone, just a statement that "if one is interested in 
SSTV try
2401.400" on the downlink...

If cwer's suggest a frequency for cw ops that should accomplish the same thing.

Far more important is the importance of KEEPING POWER at a  minimum, rather 
then where what
is operated...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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