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Re: July 2001 President's Letter

On Monday 23 July 2001 09:18, Phil Karn wrote:
> Repeated noise is an important issue in any bent-pipe transponder.
> This affects system performance in two ways. First, it sets a lower
> bound on the noise floor at the receiver. Second, it wastes
> transponder power that could go into the signal instead.

  So actually people are thinking on a simple bent-pipe transponder without 
any kind of regeneration? Wouldn't  it work better if in some way the data 
frames would be decoded, checked and corrected for errors and retransmited? 
Of course this implies some delay... 
  IMHO it sounds like this bent-pipe transponder with no regeneration is much 
like an SSB transponder and actually it would be possible to transmit other 
kind of signals that would happily be downlinked!?!?

  Anyway I would be very happy to know what are the main ideias in terms of 
what users should be able to do with this TDMA system, because actually I 
think we have spoken little about it :-)



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