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Re: previously ao-40, now AO-40 Band Plan

Matter of a fact....I did hear one SSTV signal on the
high side of the beacon...way on the high side...couldn't
locate my SSTV software to decode it, but was a nice

de Bill, N4DH

At 17:52 7/22/01 -0800, Edward R. Cole wrote:
> >From: Bill Richarz <wricharz@infi.net>
> >Maybe we could operate CW on the lower side of the beacon
> >and SSB on the upper side...or some such protocol.
> >
> >de Bill, N4DH
> >
> >
> >At 23:51 7/21/01 -0400, Drew Glasbrenner wrote:
> >>This is not a criticism, but why is the beacon in the middle of the
> >>transponder? Wouldn't it make more sense for the beacon to be at the edge,
> >>outside of the passband like the RS and FO sats?
> >>
> >>Drew, KO4MA
>Since you raise the issue of a band-plan for AO-40 {not a bad idea}, and at
>the risk of raising a flame-throwing issue, I wonder if psk-31 and SSTV
>should be considered now, too.  We have, at this early point in AO-40
>operation, the chance to establish some standards...hopefuly that will ward
>off problems later.
>MY guess that psk-31 and SSTV will not need more than one "channel", each,
>since those modes are not likely to be that active.  CW ops would likely
>appreciate separation.  The ssb folks probably don't care.  {you FM folks
>got your own satellites...he! he!}
>CW and psk-31 are both narrow-band techniques and live well next to each
>other [evidence 20m].  SSTV is same as ssb bandwidth.  I would expect that
>both psk-31 and SSTV operations would need to use auto-tuning to reduce
>error rate.  Other than that I have no particular preference for
>frequencies...the floor is open to discussion.
>Though, I as yet have no auto-track/tune capability [intend to use Uni-Trac
>with IT-1.5], I am psk-31 capable for AO-40.
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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