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Back from the Beach

As usual vacations are much to short - sort of like
LEO passes.

The trip was great and I'd like to thank all those who
made/attempted contacts with me during the trip. The
passes available to me during the trip were not the
greatest but I did manage about twenty qso's. There
may have been more but with all the qrm and qsb I just
could not confirm some of the calls. Only one DX qso
this year thanks to CO8LY!

I'll be printing up some qsl cards in the next week or
so and will be happy to confirm the contacts made from
FM-26, FM-25, FM-19 & FM-09 for those that need the

The portable station - Alinco DR-605, battery pack,
Larsen dual band mag mount antenna and pizza pan
ground plane worked ok but I felt the my receive could
have been  better. Although the vertical is a
convenient antenna I think a change is in order as I
felt the overall performance on 70cm was lacking.

Once again, thanks for the qso's, hope to do it again
next year!

Denny  WB8K

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