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Re: Digi-Sat (was: July 2001 President's Letter)


On Monday 23 July 2001 03:17, Phil Karn wrote:
> As for the timing reference, my plan is to have the spacecraft inject
> its own telemetry at a periodic rate using the same burst format as
> the user stations. This burst serves as the timing reference for all
> the other slots in a TDMA frame. Ground stations will have to adjust
> for the round trip propagation delay, but this is easy if they know
> where they are and have a current set of elements.

Are we going to use some sort of regeneration at all on the satellite? Or 
will it just be a bent pipe system?
If only bent pipe, how would we keep people from transmitting in standard 
modes (i.e. SSB) through the passband? Policy?
If regenerated: We will need some sort of signal processing on the bird 
anyway, so why not make it a little bit more intelligent and employ a simple 
master/slave-oriented arbitration protocol to avoid contention completely?

  -- Jens

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