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previously ao-40, now AO-40 Band Plan

>From: Bill Richarz <wricharz@infi.net>
>Maybe we could operate CW on the lower side of the beacon
>and SSB on the upper side...or some such protocol.
>de Bill, N4DH
>At 23:51 7/21/01 -0400, Drew Glasbrenner wrote:
>>This is not a criticism, but why is the beacon in the middle of the
>>transponder? Wouldn't it make more sense for the beacon to be at the edge,
>>outside of the passband like the RS and FO sats?
>>Drew, KO4MA


Since you raise the issue of a band-plan for AO-40 {not a bad idea}, and at
the risk of raising a flame-throwing issue, I wonder if psk-31 and SSTV
should be considered now, too.  We have, at this early point in AO-40
operation, the chance to establish some standards...hopefuly that will ward
off problems later.

MY guess that psk-31 and SSTV will not need more than one "channel", each,
since those modes are not likely to be that active.  CW ops would likely
appreciate separation.  The ssb folks probably don't care.  {you FM folks
got your own satellites...he! he!}

CW and psk-31 are both narrow-band techniques and live well next to each
other [evidence 20m].  SSTV is same as ssb bandwidth.  I would expect that
both psk-31 and SSTV operations would need to use auto-tuning to reduce
error rate.  Other than that I have no particular preference for
frequencies...the floor is open to discussion.

Though, I as yet have no auto-track/tune capability [intend to use Uni-Trac
with IT-1.5], I am psk-31 capable for AO-40.

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