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Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2001 #471

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<< Is it better to blip through several QSOs or possibly completely kill 
 just one? And maybe not even find yourself because the QSO you killed 
 was QRMing your QRM? 
 Maybe we can get a consensus here, now that the people who aren't 
 really interested in satellites have left.  :-)

Interesting debate.

My 2 pence ( 3 cents but depreciatng rapidly)

With a transponder as wide as AO-40 it's easy to listen and find a spot with 
no QSOs. - Usually lower than the beacon.

Keep your TX on the appropriate frequency and do not sweep the band.

For Example. Tonights pass the satellite will be increasing its range rapidly.
I have a note stuck to the wall which says

Beacon around 2401.300?    Then 435.700 = 2401.270

I'll add a note for Beacon on 323 and 345  later.

As they say, It works for me and I only have to swish my RX +/- 5k at most.


David  G0MRF
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