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AO-40 22 July 04-06Z

Finally had a chance to test out the setup here.  True smoke test, nothing
had been checked prior to fielding:
	U 	18el M2 linear about 50W max
	S	60cm Gabriel (linear) solid dish w/ DEMI 2400-144 downconverter

Found the MB right away-first try-at 0 deg squint, 33k km though it was
about 30kHz higher than calculated.  Figure the LO in the downconvert must
be off a bit.  Was significantly weaker than I had thought it would be.

Heard a few very weak SSB sigs and a few weak CW sigs.  Didn't seem like
much activity at all, so I'm figuring my downlink is not up to snuff.

Was able to find my downlink right away on CW and worked K9QHO for my 1st
ever AO-40 QSO...thanks Mike!

Could still hear my downlink at 45k km and 13 deg squint, but the MB was
very weak.  I would have thought LEILA would have nailed me but I guess
it's not boxed in still.

Would appreciate comments on amount of activity around the 04Z hour, and
any comments on my sig if heard.  In the meantime I'll have to tear down
and check all my components, especially the antenna (didn't sweep it in

Probably my biggest problem is pointing...I do not have a permanent antenna
support and have to put up a field tripod for each round of satellite
activity.  Plus no az-el rotor (no rotor of any kind!), so az and el are
"set" using a compass and inclinometer accessory in my compass.  No doubt
the narrower beamwidth of the linear dish made the job that much harder; no
telling really what my pointing error was.  One thing I think I'll do as
well is pull out the spectrum analyzer and see what kind of peaking I can

CU tomorrow 2350Z.
Scott Townley		
Gilbert, AZ  DM43
HF/VHF/UHF/Satellite MOBILE station

"When the Going gets Weird, the Weird turn Pro"
Raoul Duke, Sportswriter

"Don't worry Boys, we'll weather this Storm of Approval and come out as
Hated as Ever"

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