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Re: JUly 2001 President's Letter

At 06:47 PM 20-07-01 -0400, Nicolaus Sallay wrote:
>- After reading the above decisions, I am concluding that a huge part of 
>world's Ham population has been excluded from the possibility of operating 
>this new bird due to the high tech specifications and the cost involved, 
>as well as the removal of V/U capabilities.  TDMA looks very much like an 
>elitist project.
>Further, and for hams outside USA, the difficulties to get hardware at 
>reasonable prices, will drastically reduce participation. Unfortunately 
>AO-40 has serious pro-blems and we lost AO-10's replacement

Seems these ideas prejudge the JJ-sat project.

Ideas you expressed were considered at the Denver discussions.  (I had the 
privilege of being there, mostly to look after financial and budget 
considerations.)  Earth station equipment received a fair amount of 

A little creativity and some new ideas, particularly on the digital side, 
seem likely to make this project accessible in some very interesting ways.

Suggest the best way to proceed is to keep informed (this is an OPEN 
project) and keep an open mind while challenging your own creativity.

You may be pleasantly surprised.

73, art.....

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