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Ditting to locate

I really can't believe anyone one has difficulty locating themselves
in the passband.

Pick a frequency pair according to the published ones. Of course, way away 
from the
beacon.  Once you establish a pairing write that pair down or put it in memory
if you have that capability...

I've got a pairing that I know works, albeit at one point in the doppler, and
I've got it in memory.  When starting a new session, it may take me all of five
seconds to find myself with a very little  RECEIVE FREQUENCY HUNT!!
I just cannot imagine anyone swishing his xmit frequency to find himself,
much less thru the beacon...TUNE YOUR RECEIVE!!

I also use an audio input that I made from a 556 timer. I inject it at the 
and I can find myself very easily on ssb and never have to switch to or 
back from
the cw position.  It makes it easier for beginners to use, once they hear 
tones they put the switch back in the mike position.  I have a choice of three
tones, and one of the sounds is exactly like LEILA!  Come on by AO40 and 
I'll give
you a demo!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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