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Re: ao-40

On Saturday 21 July 2001 22:34, Bruce Paige wrote:

> at least this way, if you are interfering with someone, you are only
> interfering with one qso...

...or the beacon? :-) 

Gee, I'd been taught on the other birds to work the other way, so that 
at least any QRM you did on somebody was transient. (Naturally you try 
to set up so you don't think you're on the beacon, or likely to sweep 
through it.) But banging away on a single frequency--*especially* if 
you're not sure where it is in the downlink--doesn't sound all that 

Is it better to blip through several QSOs or possibly completely kill 
just one? And maybe not even find yourself because the QSO you killed 
was QRMing your QRM? 

Maybe we can get a consensus here, now that the people who aren't 
really interested in satellites have left.  :-)

73 de Maggie K3XS

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