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When will the stupid whining stop? Probably never.

I'm done!  I'm so sick of hearing that anyone who disagrees with the "Party
Line" is stupid, lazy or a whiner.  I've been in this hobby over 20 years
and have never been interested in phase III type operations.  When AO-13 was
up I had a friend who built a station and worked it for a while.  Watching
it the first couple of times was interesting but not anything I would do
full time.  Not because I can't do it technically or can't afford it.  It's
just boring to me.  When it bit the dust he took down his antennas and
doesn't seem interested in the least.  Lately I've enjoyed the RS-12/13
package (whatever mode it's in) and using my HT in the parking lot at work
during breaks to work AO-27 and UO-14.  Wide area coverage from an HT is
cool.  SSB to Europe or Japan is ho-hum.  (A couple of sun-spot cycles will
do that to you.)  I joined AMSAT-NA in January to start to be more engaged.
The kids are older now and I've found more free time to play radio.  I'm
surprised that I was so naive to think that AMSAT would be any better than
the local repeater groups when it comes to the back-biting, etc.  Anyway,
I'm outta here.  Have fun and good luck!

Mike Honer, W1BFN said "I just called Martha, and doubled last year's gift.
Those of you who are whining, HOW MUCH DID YOU GIVE?"

I e-mailed Martha and resigned.  Keep the change.


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