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AO40, wow!

AO40 came up out of the Pacific right on time using set #105.
LHCP worked a tiny bit better until about 2 degrees elevation, and
from then on RHCP was superior for the two hours I was on.

10 watts up the pipe to a 17 year old KLM 40CX that is probably producing
10 db, (if that), with an extremely readable downlink for my ears that are
MUCH older than the antenna!

Worked many stations in Japan, Australia, Dave in Oxnard and Ed in Alaska, 
all 100%

I had to double the power to wake up LEILA, and at that level the beacon was
twice as strong.

I'm going to check with Andy, w5acm, to propose an SSTV net similar to what we
operated on O13.

Naysayers don't get your tail in a crack!  We got permission from Courtney 
to do that on O13, ran many tests, and when operated at the proper levels, the
purposely reduced power testing stations did not know when we were operating.
After all, SSTV is only tones created on ssb....

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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