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Re: JUly 2001 President's Letter

On Friday 20 July 2001 23:47, Nicolaus Sallay wrote:
> - After reading the above decisions, I am concluding that a huge part of
> world's Ham population has been excluded from the possibility of operating
> this new bird due to the high tech specifications and the cost involved, as
> well as the removal of V/U capabilities.  TDMA looks very much like an
> elitist project. Further, and for hams outside USA, the difficulties to get
> hardware at reasonable prices, will drastically reduce participation.
> Unfortunately AO-40 has serious pro- blems and we lost AO-10's replacement
> [...snip...]
> - Under this conditions, I and my fellow hams,do not consider at the
> present moment to participate in funding as we did before on AO-40.

   Please.... It is this kind of attitude that can cause amateur radio to die 
slowly and painfully. First of all these ideias are NOT so high tech as you 
think. A huge part of world's ham population excluded, you say? I think not.  
A huge part of the world's ham population eager to get their hands on this 
technology and use it on the amateur bands is more correct. 
   Or else we would still be using spark-gap transmiters or the like, just 
because its fun?!?! 
   But on satellite, higher frequencies are the future and you know we must 
populate the microwave bands or else we're going to LOOSE them!
   Anyway I am a relatively young ham, but I think I have already understood 
what ham radio is about: it is about inovation, change, learning things and 
breaking new barriers. And a widely known individual once said someting like 
this: "we choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because 
they are difficult."

  So AMSAT people keep up the good work and the excelent ideias (TDMA, etc). 
I think that this project being open for everyone to discuss is one of the 
best of them!



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