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AO-40 Pass


Iam using the latest keps from the amsat-uk Webb site for AO-40 and reading
the mail from the amsat-bb I am not to
sure that the info that my tracking programs give is correct

Both Nova for windows and wisp have the same kep set being used but I get
different results. This is the info iam getting for tonight's pass at 21:40

Nova says AO-40 		Wisp

Azimuth 107			107
Elevation 12			12
Squint 189.3 			cants get to work with wisp
Ma 189.3			183.8

Question 1 why is their such a difference in the MA ?
Question 2 which if any are correct
Question 3 in wisp how do you make the squint reading work I take the
wording Blon and Blat in wisp to be the same as Alon/Alat
am I right? if so why wont wisp report a squint angle?

Sorry for so may questions In such a sort message but iam all ready to go on
AO-40 when the transponder is open in my part of the world

73 Keith


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