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Re: Norsat/Drake comparison

> so I have to agree with your assesment of weak-signal performance being comparable.
>The Norsat is an easier unit to work on as the internals are more spread out and you don't have to fool with an LO shield.  Unlike the Drake, the stock unit's input is at ground (like the TSI 3733) and it has a -10 dB test port (like the CalAmp units).  

Thanks for the info Jerry. I feel the same re: the layout and ease of
access. The "TEST PORT" seems ideal to remove the blocking capacitor
and divider resistors and feed power across from the "F" input to the
"F" test (via a choke/ferrite bead/rfbypass of standard size
components)for preamplifier power. I do not see the need for more IF
gain here, as the noise of the converter is above my receiver noise
floor, As Ed mentioned in a post today, more gain may degrade signals.
Looking now for a simple preamplifier solution!
Eddie Seymour, WB4MLE
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